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How to generate a 3D tracker layout:

  1. Open the Layout generation settings window.
  • Select your units: Milimeters, Meters, Feet, Inches. This depends on the scale of your site survey.
  • Mark the checkbox near Topographical layout for generating a 3D PV layout. 
  • The Restriction zone layer is automatically selected as PVcase Offsets - trackers won't be generated in closed areas on this layer.

2. Prepare area for 3D PV generation.

  • Draw a PV area with a polyline and close it to create a closed geometrical shape - boundary. In the example below I used the rectangle command of AutoCAD.
  • Draw Restriction zones if needed, which have to also be in a closed geometrical shape. 
  • Restriction zones have to be on the PVcase offsets layer or any other layer that you use in Layout generation settings

3. Generate a single area.

  • To generate a single 3D PV area select the Generate single area.
  • For terrain based single-axis trackers we currently allow only the two-way alignment option.

Two-way alignment
(generate trackers from left or right towards top or bottom)

For the two-way alignment you have 4 different alignment options. Based on what point you choose the software will start placing trackers from that side and will either go upwards or downwards.
Example: if you choose a point in the top left of your area you will have the software generating trackers from the left side through the upper part boundary of the PV area.

After having generated the single-axis trackers you can then proceed to generate the indicative piling for them and do a topographical mesh and have a look at this in 3D.

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