Release date: 2018/11/02

We're introducing terrain based 3D single-axis trackers for our early adopters. As well as the possibility to test them out as a free trial for anyone interested.

Other notable features include:

  • Draw road rework - the dreaded task of road design is every design engineer's nightmare. To alleviate the pain of drawing roads we're introducing a reactive road drawing approach. You can easily move and continue/delete your road vertices whilst keeping the bending radius, hatch & offset from the road.
  • Optimized frames improvement - optimized frames are now as light as they come. Clicking on the checkbox now hides the modules of the block so that your work on +100MW is as stutter and lag free as possible!
  • Added a project information saving system. This allows the user to save project settings used on one design and then send that over to a colleague so he can use the same framing without having to describe every single input. You are also able to reset settings to their default values.
    This same system will be used for mulitple types of framing preset saving.
  • Added extra compatibility to color coding so you can add/delete rows easily. Also, a seperate color that indicates the substation coloring.

Important changes & fixes that did not deserve visuals:

  • 3D cabling precision increase for cables connecting between different areas.
  • DC cabling speed increase (about 30%) and multiple connection fail prompt removal.
  • Substation out of capacity prompt fix. PVcase will now select the frames that are connected to selected substation after this error.
  • Added information pop-ups to tracker height input and electrical device per substation input.
  • Changed the hemisphere input for easier understanding.
  • Added the option to draw a PV area while being in the single area generation sequence. To do this enter the letter D or press on the Draw input in the command line.
  • Added the option to change road parameters in the command line after PVcase memorizes the initial inputs.
  • Electrical devices will now be forcefully renumbered after semi-auto generation.
  • Removed switch substation feature as the same result can be achieved by using remove devices and semi-auto generate.
  • Other changes to the electrical devices UI.
  • Cabling can now work successfully with inverters that were moved away from frames by hand (for instance to one place in the site).
  • Area capacity iterations will no longer require a kWp capacity when you're generating with a 0 m. pitch step.
  • DC cable length calculation in the BOM fix when the cable lengths weren't added up properly.
  • Remove device crash with multiple areas fix.
  • PVsyst was importing incorrectly with parks that are far from the 0,0,0. This caused the shading losses to not show up and split up frames into triangles.
  • Capacity iteration fix for not generating in certain areas.
  • Remove devices fix for when it would remove the entire PV areas devices.
  • Fixed cross sections not showing modules when optimized frames are used.
  • Capacity iteration fix for not placing half-frames where it could've.
  • BOM export crash on trackers after using 3D cabling.
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