Release date: 2018/11/21

This is a smaller release fixing small issues and adding tweaks to existing features while we work on bigger features for the next release.

Tweaks to existing features:

  • Areas with a 0 m. pitch distance (areas not generated in) will not show up in PV area information window's total pitch sum.
  • Area capacity iteration window is now reactive with frame & park setting changes. Having both windows open at the same time and saving the frame settings will immediately update the framing used in capacity iteration.¬†
  • Generation prompts are now customized to indicate the generation type - whether it's on a flat surface (2D); terrain (3D); fixed-tilt or single-axis tracker.
  • Optimized frames are now working with similiar select. However, if your team member is using an older version of PVcase and you send him a layout generated with this new release - it will not be compatible with his older version. Yet another reason to stay up to date with our new releases!
  • Electrical devices auto generate will now allow to choose frames to be generated using the auto algorithm. We noticed that sometimes having huge areas connecting to multiple substations can be tricky in terms of generating electrical devices. Therefore the ability to choose frames (rather than PV areas like now) will allow for more flexibility.
  • The same solution for electrical device generation is now also applied for semi-auto generation. After you choose to automatically connect the rest of the PV area you can then select which part.

Bug fixes and smaller tasks:

  • AC cable length units of measurement now included in BOM.
  • Text changes in multiple parts.
  • Default input for height of frame is now 0.8 meters.
  • Generation prompts are fixed to not show up during generation.
  • Cross section fixes.
  • BOM export crash fixes.
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