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Choose frames for custom stringing

  • Open the Electrical design window.
  • In the dropdown selection for stringing method select Custom stringing.
  • Afterwards, click on the Select frames button to select the frames that you want to draw up custom stringing for. (An example of this can be seen in the GIF below)

The stringing template window:

The selected frames are represented in the string drawing window. This window's size is adjustable by dragging the corner of it and you can also use the middle mouse button to zoom in or out. Clicking and holding the middle mouse button will allow you to pan the view in any direction as well

How to draw/delete strings:

  • In order to start drawing a string we must first toggle the mode for drawing by clicking on the Mode: draw button. 
  • To start drawing a string you left-click on the first module of the string - this will be represented with the plus sign. 
  • To finish drawing a string you left-click again on the last module of that string - that will create a minus sign and you can then click on any other free module and start drawing another string.
  • String deleting works in the same way - toggle the delete mode and click on drawn strings. You can also use the Delete all strings button for a quick reset.

String PV area / string frames.

  • The next step after you have your custom stringing template is to use the String PV area or the String frames to apply the template of stringing to your frames. 
  • String PV area - this approach automatically finds the identical frames in the identical position as you're template and applies the stringing to them.
  • String frames - this approach can be used to string only certain frames or for when the String PV area leaves out unstrung frames due to them not being identical to the template or being far away from each other. 
  • In the GIF above I've used String frames for the upper part of my PV area. After applying the template for these frames I'm going to use the String PV area string the rest of the area automatically. 

Important: Strings are never placed over existing ones. To make modules available again for stringing you have to destring them using Destring frames.

Drawing leap-frog strings

  • In order to draw leap-frog strings you have to enable them by clicking the checkbox.
  • The approach to drawing leap-frog strings is just the same as the simple strings.
    The main difference is that when you end a leap-frog string and double click on the last module the ending point is placed besides the starting point (Plus and minus sign next to each other).

Important note: 

In some irregular areas String PV area might not work as one would expect due to limitations of the algorithm. To override these limitations simply use the String frames button.

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