Release date: 2019/01/22

This is a quick release that fixes a lot of features and improves their working speed. 

Notable changes:

  • Added extension drawing for DC cabling when strings would jump from one row to the other.
  • Re-enabled color coding for lowest tier device and substation. Lowest tier device color coding no longer has different transparency settings. 
  • Re-enabled semi-auto DC cabling.
  • Tracker align-to-line no longer requires additional alignment inputs. The alignment is now based on the direction of the line drawing. For instance, drawing a line from the left to the right will align trackers to the left side of the line. It also depends on whether the line is horizontal, vertical, diagonal.
  • Significantly increased the speed of electrical device generation when automatically grouping strings after semi-auto generation.
  • Significantly (approximately 3-4 times) increased the speed of frame generation comparing to previous release.
  • After being prompted to switch to meters, PVcase will now proceed with generation in addition to switching units.
  • Added a Deselect area button for area capacity iteration.
  • Area capacity iteration now picks up changes in PV area boundary when these are changed without having to reselect the area.
  • Added 0,000 precision to BOM cable lengths for more compatibility with MS Excel.
  • Visual changes to UI.

Bug fixes and smaller changes:

  • Fixed Export to DAE incorrectly exporting half-frame pairs.
  • Fixed tracker numbering to work with various trenchline positioning.
  • Added 0.000 precision for BOM export to prevent miscalculation when using Excel functions.
  • Removed other color settings from color coding.
  • Fixed multiple area generation not picking up restriction areas.
  • Changed some button designs and text inputs.
  • Fixed cursor information when using inverter+inverter combiner box setup.
  • Fixed 3D tracker piling generation bug where poles would be misplaced.
  • Fixed piling representation when generating a not-terrain-based layout.
  • Fixed color coding bugs.

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