Release date: 2019/03/05

For this release we're adding - the ability to save frame presets, more features for trackers along with electrical design improvements and overall usability enhancements.

Notable changes:

  • Frame presets - ability to have different frame presets saved inside your .DWG.
  • Created new terrain based single-axis tracker generation type - Line alignment.
  • Added the capacity iteration feature for trackers - this is extremely useful for when you have a substantial amount of areas and want to leave PVcase to run generations with one type of framing and then come back after it's done to analyze results and change framing or spacing and rerun the generation.
  • Tracker electrical devices are now placed besides the drawn electrical device alignment line - it can be drawn above/below or inside the PV area.
  • Tracker and fixed-tilt electrical device and string numbering now have more options.
  • Enabled the Renumber feature for trackers which allows you to keep the numbering order after manually editing the placement of devices with Remove devices / Semi-auto generation.
  • Increased the speed of Bill of Materials export by 125 times!
    From 25 minutes to 12 seconds for a 30MW park.
  • Semi-auto device placement now numbers strings based on selection order.
  • Renumber no longer changes string numbering order - changes only device numbering order.
  • Added additional display inside the custom stringing UI to show amount of modules in selection.

Other improvements:

  • Optimized generation and loading time for a lot of features on bigger projects (Layout information, stringing, electrical device placement etc.)
  • Optimized the copying of objects that caused AutoCAD to freeze up for a few seconds.
  • Substation / central inverter numbering is now based on selection order.
  • Increased precision for cabling to substation / central inverter.
  • Fixed issues when line alignment would not generate trackers if the line was at the bottom of an area.
  • Renamed side alignment to two-way alignment.
  • Added information prompts for line alignment.
  • Line alignment will delete generated line if generation is canceled.
  • Row pitch display now takes the actual pitch value to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Tracker generation type selection moved to cursor.
  • Added maximum input for gap between modules and module thickness.
  • Fixed BoM crashing when exporting for some users.
  • Added prompt when deleting strings from custom stringing UI.
  • Fixed issue where high inclination frames would be represented incorrectly in custom stringing UI.
  • Substation / central inverter number will be removed when all devices connected to it are removed.
  • Area reassignment frames turned on by default.
  • Bill of Materials now takes actual modules used in PV areas for capacity calculation - not the active input from frame settings for module power.
  • Terrain mesh will now ask for scale selection to reduce user error.
  • Fixed module count inaccuracy in BoM when using un-even column count half-frames.
  • Fixed string + and - sign placement when using an azimuth.
  • Added additional loading bars for multiple features for a better user exeperience.
  • Fixed issues with devices floating far from actual frames after using semi-auto device placement.
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