Release date: 2019/04/05

This release is more focused on the 3D aspect of PVcase adding on highly requested features like a customizable terrain mesh, pole numbering & pole coordinate extracts to XLSX and also placement information outputs to evaluate the table placement, inclination, heights.

Notable changes:

  • Terrain mesh - specify different angle ranges for color coding and control the density of the mesh. This allows for a really easy analysis of the site.
  • Piling information output along with extracts to XLSX for pole height calculations.
  • Additional placement information outputs inside the Layout information.

Displays the inclination of the frame in E-W direction for fixed-tilt and N-S direction for single-axis trackers.

Displays the information of how much the frame was raised in order to be in acceptable range distance to the terrain defined in the park settings (by default - no terrain collision)

Displays the information about distances from frame points to the terrain underneath. Distances in green with a minus sign mean that there's a pit/ditch underneath.
Distances in red with a plus sign means that there's a hill/mound underneath.
Essentially - a way to check where the terrain gets closer or further from the frame.

New tutorials:

Using the new terrain mesh tool

Evaluating terrain surveys for generation

Terrain compatibility with PVcase

Updated frame height settings tutorial

Other improvements:

  • Enabled tracker generation when using line alignment next to a restriction area.
  • Default units set to meters for new drawings.
  • Enabled electrical device renumbering by substation.
  • Added a remove cabling button to remove cables of a selected substation/central inverter.
  • Changed the frame height settings part in park parameters for easier understanding.
  • Added an output for minimum pole height for trackers.¬†
  • Dynamic input automatically turned on for a better user experience.
  • Fixed issue when PVcase was aligning fixed tilt tables to one side only.
  • Fixed optimized frames not being enabled when loading a DWG.
  • Fixed layer manager tab not appearing on certain AutoCAD versions.
  • Fixed tracker string coloring when using long trackers.
  • Fixed string mis-alignment when applying a custom stringing template on frames.
  • Fixed 3D cables going diagonally to trench if trenchline is placed in the middle of an area.
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