Version: 1.15
Release date: 2019/04/29

The major improvement of PVcase for this release is the long awaited feature for customizing pole locations on fixed-tilt frames. With it we're also introducing minor adjustments to general use of the software.

Notable changes:

  • Customizable piling for fixed-tilt - specify amount of poles and their locations on fixed tilt frame presets. Afterwards, generate piling and extract coordinates along with pole lengths.¬†
  • Increased generation speed for single-axis trackers. Biggest increase was recorded for 2D Two-way alignment. Increasing up to 3 times in speed.
    However, Line alignment still remains the fastest generation type.
  • Exporting locations for .XLSX, .DAE, .DWG. For any users experiencing issues of not being able to export to desktop this should now fix the problem.

New tutorials:

Using the layout information tool (frame terrain, frame elevation, inclination angle)

Other improvements:

  • Turned off limitations for electrical devices for North facing frames. More improvements on this will follow shortly.
  • Changed the last color of a row inside the color coding tab to now be used only for the substation/central inverter coloring.
  • Added a prompt when no frames could be generated inside an area.
  • Ribbon changes - moved piling generation onto ribbon.
  • Removed pole height range output inside park parameters.
  • Added a prompt when a frame is moved for the first time.
  • Updated mouse-over tooltips on some buttons and inputs.
  • Improved contour line conversion to better locate contour lines from entire DWG.
  • Enabled compatibility with 2020 AutoCAD.
  • Fixed pitch display sometimes not showing up on single-axis trackers.
  • Fixed error when PV area is surrounded by a restriction zone.
  • Fixed area reassignment changing half-frame color to wrong one.
  • Fixed area reassignment frames not appearing after copying.
  • Fixed area capacity iteration approximate kWp display.
  • Fixed 3D cabling conversion issues.
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