Version: 1.16
Release date: 2019/05/10

Version 1.16 brings updates and improvements to all aspects of PVcase. We're introducing a new and improved mathematical evaluation model of height measurements, new interface and workings of custom single-axis tracker piling along with electrical for southern-hemisphere frames.

Notable changes:

  • Evaluation model of terrain surveys - the mathematical model behind triangulation and interpolation of heights has been improved. This will result in a more realistic result for table placement along with other 3D aspects of PVcase (Terrain mesh, cross-sections, 3D cabling etc).  It also increased the generation speed around 20-30% in most cases.
  • New interface for single-axis tracker custom piling that allows for more precise pole location specification.
  • New interface for frame representation and park parameters which will not only look better and work better but will also reduce a lot of errors for a lot of users.
  • Electrical devices for north facing frames along with 3D DC/AC cabling.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed optimized frames setting not saving.
  • Fixed different issues with 3D cabling not going against terrain or frames.
  • Added road length to BoM.
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