We're very excited to introduce this new release that is probably one of the most impressive release of this year yet. Multiple tables per area, insane generation speed and new interface along with other small but impactful improvements.

Notable changes:

  • Multiple fixed-tilt table types per area - one of the most requested features over the course of PVcase - the ability to generate with different types of tables inside one area.
  • Generation time reduction down to 2-5 seconds for all generations. We've substantially increased our generation speed by about 20 times for non-terrain and terrain based generation for both fixed-tilt systems and single axis trackers.

    Example of new speed below: The same generation used to take
    1min45sec. (34 MW).
  • Maximum and minimum inputs for pitch distance to maximize capacity.

  • Split the gap between modules into horizontal and vertical gaps.
  • No longer required to fully string a frame for custom stringing. This development was highly requested by a range of companies working with specific tracker designs. It is important to note that the total capacity inside Layout information will still include those modules.
  • The Remove cabling feature now works with any device.
  • Created a visual for frame height settings for easier understanding of how PVcase will place tables on terrain and what frames will not be placed due to added restrictions for terrain collision.

  • Added additional Height deviation frames that can be generated to assess areas where terrain collision might happen. They should be used together with the Frame height settings in Park parameters.

  • When cabling is already generated for a device or strings - using semi-auto generate on the same device again will regenerate new cables. This way you can fix cables that were misdrawn using the automatic algorithm.
  • Bug fixes and small usability improvements.

New tutorial:

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