Multiple single-axis tracker presets per area, improvements to cross-sections and iterations along with a new UI for trackers - these are the most notable changes we're introducing for our 1.18 release. We hope you enjoy it!

Notable changes:

  • Multiple single-axis tracker types per area - last release we introduced multiple fixed tilt-table types per area and without hesitation we would like to present multiple tracker presets per area! 
  • New user interface for trackers for easier understanding.
    Note: Tracker table heights are measured at tracker max. turning angle range.
  • Area capacity iteration now have the selection of iteration parameter and no longer tied to the pitch distance. You can now select either pitch distance or inner spacing or shading limit angle (fixed-tilt).

  • Improvements to cross-sections:

    Adding the ability to do terrain only cross-sections that are really fast and precise.

We're also changing our approach to Frame & terrain cross-sections and will now only be showing a slice of 5cm. 

Note: Temporarily disabled table piling in a N-S (fixed tilt) E-W (tracker) section.

  • Removed the requirement to select topography when using PVcase features that require it (cross-sections, tree shading, generate piling). Now these tools will not require you to select the terrain and will regard it as being flat.

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Ability to color-code substation connections by selecting a substation and not for the enitre DWG.
  • Checkbox to specify whether tracker has motor gap or not.
  • Improvements to BOM when using multiple presets.
  • Added an Open button after doing a BOM export so that you can open instantly.
  • Fixed generation with small width roads.
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