This is a smaller release before the next one which will feature substantial improvements to electrical device placement.
For now we focused on software stability and usability along with new but low impact functionalities.

Notable changes:

  • Ability to generate with multiple presets that have different allowed slope angles in one area to maximize capacity. Previously PVcase was limited to having only one input for allowed table inclination per area no matter the presets used. From now on, if you're generating with two or more presets and PVcase cannot place one of them due to a steep inclination - it will try once more with the other one if it allows a larger table slope.
  • Slope direction selection (E/W or N/S) for terrain mesh. You're now able to select the slope direction for the color coding of the terrain mesh so that you can differentiate for fixed-tilt or tracker projects which slope is more important.
  • Substantial increase for generation speed - we're increasing table generation speed for areas that are heavily populated with restriction zones or areas with a given azimuth. The average generation speed increase for these areas is around 5 times.
  • Increase in generation precison for fixed-tilt tables by placing them as close to the starting point of an area as possible.
  • Interface changes to terrain mesh for better usability. We merged the automatic table and custom tables from before and added an additional slope unit in %.
  • Added a "Remove SLA lines" button. This button can be found under Generate SLA lines.¬†

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Fix for trackers being generated on some downhill areas.
  • Added object snap for line alignment.
  • Fix for newly created layers not appearing in restriction zone layer.
  • Fix for lost BOM data after using the AutoCAD Audit command.
  • Added prompt for mis-selecting objects in tree generation.
  • Added 3D polyline as a valid restriction zone object.
  • Increased generation speed with azimuth.
  • Fix for preset resetting happening when not required.
  • Fix for color coding with azimuth.
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