Introducing the long awaited electrical design release which includes a new workflow for device placement, more stability, performance and features. No more long generation time and device reordering after generation!

Important note: Projects that have the electrical devices generated with prior releases will not work with this new release.

Notable changes:

  • New electrical devices user interface - this new interface is easier to use and less cluttered. The system type is now selected by a dropdown rather than placing checkboxes on possible device types as before. We've also moved numbering settings under the Options button.
  • Substantial increase to device generation speed  - the new algorithm now places devices much faster and does not force those multiple loading bars after each generation like before so PVcase's electrical design just got even better!  

  • New system type DC combiner - Inverter - Transformer - this has been highly requested - specifically for decentralized tracker systems.
  • Electrical configuration input responsiveness - it is no longer needed to click somewhere for the outputs to refresh. You can now easily check your possible sizing with less hassle.
  • Selected PV areas marked in green - you will no longer lose track of which areas you're working with.
  • Multiple select for PV areas and transformer - for better usability we've added the possibility of selecting multiple areas and transformers/central inverters. You will no longer need to zoom into a polyline and click on it.
    Please take care when doing this as this will impact device numbering order!
  • New functionality - Renumber - the new renumber feature allows you to number already generated devices in any order you wish. You can input a starting number for the device and then select the devices in the order you want them numbered. 

If you select multiple devices at once - PVcase will take the default numbering order which is specified in the Numbering settings.

You can also change the numbers for transformers and central inverters by using the Renumber. This will also change the device numbers and string numbers respectively.

  • Additional layers - we've added new layers for more order in your drawings and also more possibilites when manipulating them. Worthy mentions are the new PVcase Stringing Numbers layer and PVcase String Cables (Separated from DC cables).

  • Moving only the device block object by hand will now also move its numbers.
  • Deleting devices by hand (hitting Delete key) will now also remove their connection to strings, color coding and cabling. The same applies for transformer and central inverter block objects.
  • Significantly increased the speed of color coding.
  • New electrical device placement for trackers - devices are placed on the northern/southern side of the tracker or in the middle (depending on the alignment line's position).
    Note - alignment line is stretched to infinity from the end vertices so it reaches every device.
  • New cabling algorithm for trackers - due to the new position of devices we also changed the way cabling is done to better represent reality.

  • Changed the way DC extensions are drawn between tables. Now they're jumping horizontally instead of going to the top of the frame.
  • Terrain mesh will no longer create block objects - this will free up a lot of space on your DWG. We've switched the object type to a simple Polyface Mesh.
  • Optimized frames will now freeze the PVcase modules layer instead of turning it off which will have a noticable AutoCAD performance improvement.
  • Multiple select for electrical actions for a better experience. Please note, selecting mutliple objects in some cases will select only one or deselect previous selection.

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Added multiple prompts for electrical design for a better workflow and experience.
  • Substantially increased the loading speed of the Layout information tab.
  • Renamed all devices and layers adding AC combiner, DC combiner, Central inverter; Transformer;
  • After generation the electrical system type and device amounts are capped for a selected transformer / central inverter.
  • Fixed leap-frog strings causing DC cabling problems.
  • Added the ability to do a mass select for electrical actions.
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