We're focusing more of our effort on the electrical side of PVcase for this version. In this release you will finally be able to have a device alignment line for fixed-tilt tables along with an overview tab for your entire electrical system.

Notable changes:

  • Device alignment line for fixed-tilt tables - thanks to our previous electrical rework we can now introduce the long awaited and requested ability to specify a device alignment line for fixed-tilt table devices. 
  • Mesh area selection for terrain mesh - we've added the functionality to have the terrain mesh be constrained to a certain area.
  • Substantially increased cabling generation speed.
  • Electrical system overview tab - we believe this tool will be very useful when working on the electrical design of a large project. 
  • No longer needing to remind yourself of the system setup when coming back to a project after a while. Both overall and using the Match system feature.
  • Not needing to zoom in and pan around looking for a certain device or string inside a drawing. Simply right click on the component in the overview tab and hit locate object or double-click!
  • To not fill up too much useful space that you have on your screen you can also Undock the overview tab and place it somewhere else.
  • We've also taken care of the device numbering aspect. Now you have two ways to change the numbering of your devices - either with the Renumber feature or by using the overview tab:
  • And the best part - having the ability to hide objects so that you can better track progress, identify easily which parts belong to which device and of course vastly improve the performance on large scale sites by hiding parts that are already finished.

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • After using an action button PVcase will now hide the interface for easier use.
  • The Frame & park settings window is now resizable.
  • Increased cabling stability and performance.
  • Fix for frame height at highest point showing up incorrectly in frame information.
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