Thanks to the feedback of our userbase we're very glad to introduce additional functionalities that have been expressed as a high priority by design engineers that are at the forefront of utility scale design practice.

Notable changes:

  • Tracker corridors - we're always trying to improve the table placement aspect of PVcase to keep up with current best practice for solar park design. One of the problems we've seen is users having to move trackers a lot manually to make room for maintenance roads/access every few trackers.¬†
  • Electrical system types with Harness (Y combiner) - we're improving our electrical design even further by adding a new electrical system type which will open up a new pipeline of projects that PVcase can help you deliver faster.
  • Ditch tolerance checking for cut & fill analysis - we're adding the long awaited 'lower' tolerance level for frames. This will allow users to check which frames are unsuitable for placement and will need ground grading due to a ditch (pit).

Engineers will also be able to get information which tables could not be placed due to exceeding either a hill (red) or ditch (green) tolerance level as we've differentiated between the two causes.

Afterwards you're also able to generate piling and inspect these tables closer to understand better the actual grading work that needs to be done.

  • Terrain data selection memorizing - for a better user experience PVcase will no longer ask to select the terrain data as much as before. Now you can simply freeze that large terrain survey and use AutoCAD with less lag. If you need to reselect the terrain you can go to Layout generation setttings.
  • Increased generation speed of tables - even more.
  • Devices that cannot be cabled will now be indicated by coloring them and also selecting so they're easier to locate. After successful cabling they will be recolored back:

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Added ability to generate piling for terrain tolerance/maximum inclination frames.
  • Multi-selection for PV area selection while generating for easier use.
  • Tracker and fixed-tilt inclination is now measured through center and more accurrately.
  • Changed frame terrain functionality to represent ditch tolerances.
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