This is a smaller release stabilizing the software after the bigger update last time. We're increasing speed for generating strings, piling and also adding some usability improvements.

Notable changes:

  • Increased string generation speed for single row & U string - we've increased the speed for simple stringing methods and we're also looking to improve custom stringing for our future releases. 
  • Increased piling generation speed 3x - having piling preset on a frame will be crucial later on as we'll be adding more functionalities that depend on accurate pole locations. Therefore, we're increasing the speed of piling generation also.
  • Convert 2D layouts to terrain based - it will now be very easy to go from a 2D layout to a terrain based layout. If you have a preliminary design done without terrain you can simple add the topography data underneath the tables and use adapt to terrain on them.

Adapt to terrain will now also take the settings for Terrain tolerance from the park settings tab during adapt so you can even try out different tolerance levels for specific rows.

  • Additional option when right-clicking a PV area polyline to clear all objects that belong to that area - you will no longer need to select all of the objects that belong to an area in order to clear it.
  • Increased the speed of export to PVsyst to be done instantly - we've reworked our export to the .DAE file format. 

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Vertical and horizontal module gaps now have 0.0000 precision for feet/inches.
  • Changed terrain mesh table editing for easier use.
  • Added the ability to delete electrical objects through the overview tab by hitting DEL.
  • UI changes and bug fixes.
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