We're adding additional features and mainly improving the stability of PVcase so it performs well before the holiday season deadlines!

Notable changes:

  • Accelerated custom stringing generation - we're finally done with increasing the speed for all types of string generations. It's safe to say that the entire electrical design now works at least 10 times faster than earlier versions.

  • Accelerated SLA lines generation - the shading limit angle line display is now instant so you can easily check for correct placement.
  • Terrain mesh export to PVsyst - you're now able to export a PVcase terrain mesh and import that to PVsyst for terrain shading analysis.

    Note: The density and size of the mesh impact the import speed of PVsyst.
  • Preset mismatch information - the software will now indicate what are the reasons a preset cannot be used with others.¬†

  • String DC cables trenching with semi-auto generation - you can now eliminate the problem of string cables going to a device without following the trench by using Semi-auto DC cabling and indicating which trenches to follow.
  • Increased maximum tracker corridor limit - we're happy to see PVcase being used to design large scale tracker projects with our corridor feature. By user request we've increased the allowed limit substantially.

Smaller changes and improvements:

  • Improvement for line alignment generation to always generate tables.
  • Applying a custom stringing preset to already existing tables will not delete existing strings that don't match the preset.
  • Export to .DAE will no longer switch views.
  • Fix for generate tree shading error when not selecting topography.
  • Fix for area capacity iteration crash when using join/trim AutoCAD functions on areas.
  • Fix for creation of multiple block objects of frames when not needed.
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