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East - west framing early access

East - west framing is currently available as an early-access for selected companies.

If you would like to participate in testing out this version please contact


For now the generation of E-W tables is limited to only a flat layout generation and without electrical design. 

Generate single area - generate tables in a single area by selecting the area's polyline and specifying the alignment side and generation start point by clicking on a location.

The alignment and starting point will be dictated by which corner of the area you select. For example: Clicking on the top left corner will start generating tables from the left side and align them towards the top part of PV area.

Generate multiple areas - generates tables in multiple areas by selecting multiple areas and alignment for each of them.

This generation should be used when multiple areas are next to each other. Multiple area generation will align frames from two areas to avoid shading from one area to the other. 

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