To start out this new year right we're bringing in fundamental changes to our cross-sections along with substantial usability and speed improvements.

Notable changes:

  • Cross-section improvements - one of the major improvements is the instant creation of the cross-section:

They will now also include a border, section naming and elevation lines:

You will also be able to track your section starting and ending points with a visual line for easier reference. The line is also portrayed at an angle to match with the frame azimuth.

  • New functionality Front view - we've differentiated the cross section in two different ones. The new functionality that allows to view a frame from the front (previously under one Cross section) is now accessible through the ribbon.

In both the new cross sections and the front view we're also showing terrain tolerance and maximum inclination exceeding frames.

  • Terrain mesh interface and usability improvements - we've revisited the terrain mesh interface, so it is easier to use and look at.¬†

You can add color ranges by using the start and end value inputs and then clicking on Fill table. Alternatively, you can add rows by clicking the Add row button. The rows will be created in between the two undeletable ranges.

In order to delete rows simply select the ones you want to delete and hit Delete on your keyboard or right click and hit Delete.

  • Tracker line alignment line 2 point only - the line used for generating trackers will now only require to be drawn as a two point.

New and updated tutorials:

Smaller functionalities:

  • Tracker device alignment line will now not only extend the line but also place devices on the 'imaginary' part.
  • Tracker corridor line will not be segmented that much if there's not a large difference between start and end line points.
  • Cabling will no longer ask for a substation but check for a transformer/central inverter so it's clearer.
  • Inclination angle and frame terrain display will now be fitted on a frame depending on its size.
  • Row and pitch display improvements to not get created on top of indicative frames.
  • Multiple area selection for layout information functionalities.
  • Generate SLA lines is now instant and will only work on an entire PV area.
  • Substantially increased frame terrain generation speed.
  • Tracker corridor lines will not be drawn if the inner spacing or row distance is set at same distance as the lines.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
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