We're adding functionalities and improving the usability of PVcase by focusing on the stringing part of PVcase for this release.

Notable changes:

  • Custom stringing window redesign - we've redesigned the stringing part of the electrical design for an easier workflow and less clutter. 
  • Custom stringing window interaction changes:

Instead of switching between two modes of drawing and deletion - you can now draw strings using Left-click and delete strings using Right-click.

To draw leap-frog strings - simply left click on the module next to the positive sign.

You can also continue a string by unlocking it after Right-clicking on the negative sign.

There's also the new functionality of being able to delete only a part of the string.

  • String preset functionality - to save time while doing string designs we've added the functionality of creating string presets. These presets get saved in the .DWG file and can also be exported/imported to other DWGs using Export/Import settings in the ribbon.
  • Change module power after generation - we're now allowing to change the module power of a table after generation. Doing this will create a new block object and also a new field inside the layout information tab (it will not create a new preset or edit the existing preset). 
  • Inverted the azimuth input for fixed-tilt - from now on a positive azimuth input will rotate tables to face West and a negative input will rotate tables to face East.
  • Functionality to draw mirrored cross-sections - you're now able to flip the cross section viewing direction by starting to draw from the other side.

Smaller functionalities:

  • New loading bar that indicates progress more accurately.
  • Front-view will now show the right direction when used on north facing tables.
  • Fixes for piling creation, cabling generation.
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