This new release of PVcase brings updates and improvements to all aspects of PVcase. We're particularly focusing on improved usability and ease of use.

Notable changes:

  • Piling information includes table number - piling information will now have a new format which will include the table number and the pole numbering for that table. This update will also be present in the Bill of Materials.
  • String renumbering functionality - we've added the ability to renumber strings along with other devices. The renumber works in the same way as for devices - if you do a multiple select over a bunch of strings they will be renumbered based on the global numbering settings (Can be changed in Electrical devices - Options - String numbering.) If you click on strings one by one they will be renumbered by selection order.
  • Adapt to terrain no longer asks for area selection - from now on there will be no need to select an area for moved or copied PV tables as they will be assigned to the area in which they are located.
  • Electrical overview tab export - electrical overview tab now has an export functionality so all the information can be exported to an Excel. The export will also keep the same grouping for better usage in Excel.
  • Unused PVcase block purge - PVcase will now always purgue unused block objects during generation to reduce your DWG size and improve AutoCAD's performance.
  • Electrical overview tab speed up - we've substantially increased the loading, freezing and thawing action speed.
  • Duplicated presets with same module power - if you happen to have two presets with the same name but with different module powers those will now be displayed inside the layout information tab.

Smaller functionalities:

  • Azimuth precision increased to 0.00.
  • Front view and cross section elevation lines always displayed.
  • Tracker height calculation improves on steep slopes.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.
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