With this release we're focusing on improving the piling aspect of PVcase both with interface and also allowing to add additional overhangs to trackers.

Notable changes:

  • Improved UI for custom piling - the new interface is more clearer and easier to navigate.
  • Improved tracker customization - you can now customize your tracker gaps and motor position more easily by defining the groups of modules and moving the motor with ease by dragging and dropping.
  • Added overhang inputs for trackers - you can now add additional distances for a tracker on which a pole can be positioned both at start and end of the tracker. This additional overhang is also displayed on the tracker block object when generating.
  • Added constraints for pole length - from now on using terrain tolerance will also specify a range for pole lengths above ground. If a pole is exceeding a certain range it will be color coded dependingly.

Smaller functionalities:

  • Layer linetypes and colors will no longer be reset after generation.
  • Frames will no longer lose their preset name after changing the module power through right-click menu.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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