Notable changes:

With this release we're focusing on improving the usability of the software.

  • Change piling for already generated frames- a highly requested functionality that we're very glad to deliver on - you can now change the piling for tables that have already been generated by right clicking on any block object.

Note: In order to check for ditches after changing the piling you must also use adapt to terrain.

  • Automatic frame reassignment to new area - moving or copying frames inside the same area or to another one will automatically assign the frame to that area.
    You can also reassign simple (blue) frames to areas.

Note: Moving frames outside of an area will still turn them red and not count them to any area until they are moved inside a boundary.

  • String removal improvement - deleting a string manually, deleting a frame with strings on it, moving or copying frames with strings will now remove the strings cleanly and reduce probability of user error.¬†

Smaller functionalities:

  • Deleting a frame will also delete the information texts assigned to it.
  • Improved visuals for Bill of Materials export and added additional pole aerial length measurement.
  • Resolved an issue where generating a large area would freeze up at the end.
  • PVcase will no longer change the polyline to PVcase area layer if generation is cancelled.
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