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In this tutorial we'll cover functionalities that are assigned to PVcase objects that can be found by right clicking on them.

Clear PV area

To quickly delete objects assigned to a certain area you can right click on the PV area polyline and scroll down to PVcase and hit Clear PV area. 

This will delete frames, piling, terrain mesh and so forth.

Change module power

To not have to regenerate the entire area when there's a change in module power - you can also alter this value by right-click on existing frames and changing it.

This change will keep the electrical design and update the layout information tab along with the creation of a new block object.

After changing the module power a new block object will be created for those frames. Also, in the layout information these frames will be differentiated by adding the module power next to the name.

Change piling

Pole positions can also be changed through right-clicking on a frame. If you have piling generated then after the change the poles will be regenerated.
If no piling is created then the new poles will not be generated so you can add them later using Generate piling.

Filtering out other objects

There's no need to be careful when using these actions and you can do a selection over a lot of objects and PVcase will still filter out the right objects to edit based on your action.

🛈 That's it for now but stay tuned to our release notes as we add more functionalities to the right-click menu.

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