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Release notes 1.44


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A small change with a huge impact - that's how this release could be defined with the major addition to it being the ability to swap an existing table preset with another one. Let's take a look at some of the cases where we can utilize this new feature.

Swap preset for tracker wind load types - working with tracker designs the tracker tables are classified into different types having different piling/size based on the exposure to wind load. This aspect of the design can now be addressed by customizing each tracker area.

Swap preset for table height - an additional use for the swap preset function is that you're able to change the table height of an existing table by substituting it for another one with a different height setting.

Swap preset for module size change - you can also apply this in the case when a different module size comes into the design. Of course, provided that the tables can remain in the same place.

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