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Drawing integrity checker

Centralized drawing integrity checker is a built-in tool that automatically scans your drawing during PVcase startup. The purpose of this tool is to make sure that your layout doesn't have any issues that could lead to bigger problems later on and inform the user If there were any adjustments done in the layout while PVcase was turned off.

Fixing the drawing by yourself

In order to fix the drawing, you need to use the Adapt (to positions or settings)/ Reassign frames tool on these tables. By doing this you will update the table information and assign the tables to the correct area.

The Indicate button that is shown on the prompt will highlight tables that are faulty. An important note is that the checker only changes the Color property of a table and if you want you can simply change the color back and continue working though we highly advise against this as you might encounter problems later on.

🛈 Please check this tutorial to learn more about how to use the Adapt tool:

Help with fixing the drawing

If you tried fixing the drawing by yourself but still keep receiving the integrity checker error - please feel free to contact us, and we will have your drawing resolved for you and sent back - support@pvcase.com

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