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The first step to be taken during the electrical design is stringing. Open the Electrical design window and choose the Custom stringing option:

This way you can draw a preset based on your preferences. After selecting the Custom option, you will be able to select a frame:

It's important to take into account where you wish to have DC combiners/string inverters ultimately placed, to adjust the direction of strings accordingly. This is more a recommendation since it's always possible to change strings direction later. For instance, in the example below, we aim to place the electrical devices alongside the yellow line:

Based on that, we can have shorter DC cables, in the future, if each string is facing its own device. This would mean having the strings facing south, in the upper part of the design:

And have strings facing north, at the lower part of the design. Which can easily be accomplished using the mirror function. The mirror function will automatically invert the position of the strings, as can be seen below:

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