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Posterior to the connection, use the Overview tab to have a look at your connected devices. Here it's possible, to Locate objects, Edit number, Add strings, Select cables (after the cabling design), and Delete devices.

The Locate object option will highlight in the design the position of the selected devices:

The second option, Edit number will prompt a box where you can enter the new number for a device or string:

Add string allows the user to add strings to a connected box, as can be seen below:

PVcase will count the number of strings selected and ask for an alignment line. In case you are not satisfied with the connection just select the strings and use the Delete option to erase them.

Another functionality offered by the overview tab is to use the Turn-on/Turn-off button for the electrical layers, this way AutoCAD will lag less and perform better while connecting the remaining strings:

In situations where only a few sub-elements of an electrical hierarchy are hidden, there will be a half-lit light bulb to indicate that.

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