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Adapt to terrain

This tool is used to adapt a copied or moved frame to its new location's terrain.
It allows the user to fully customize PV table placement.

🛈 Adapt to terrain is used when your frames were generated using a topographic survey.

🛈 Reassign a frame is a tool used when your frames were generated without a topographic survey.

After moving or copying the frame - it will be colored in red. This indicates that the table needs to be adapted to the terrain in its new location or assigned to an area.

🛈 When a frame is red it does not count to any area's capacity.

To do this you need to click on Adapt to terrain and follow the procedure:

  1. Select frame row, a single frame, or a PV area.

  2. Press Enter or Space.

  3. Select PV area; (if the table is inside two areas or over two areas)

Adapt to the terrain - individual frames

If you are selecting an individual frame, you can force the frame to be adapted anywhere in the PVarea without following the previous alignment.

Adapt to the terrain - an entire row

If you are selecting the entire row, it will keep the original column spacing defined in the Frame & Park settings before the generation.

Adapt to the terrain - an entire PV area

You can select an entire area to be adapted to the terrain and there are more than a few scenarios where this will come in handy. Here are a few examples:

When you have a lot of restriction zones in the PV area.

When you need to elevate all your tables at once to reduce collision and minimize grading costs.

When you receive a new topography to use for your project.

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