When the coordinates of multiple trees are provided, it is possible to draw them all at once in an efficient way by following the next procedure.

1- Firstly, we will need the X,Y coordinates for each tree. If we already have an AutoCAD block representing the tree, we can easily extract the coordinates executing DATAEXTRACTION on the command line.

2- After that, the coordinates have to be arranged in the format "X Coordinate, Y Coordinate" as shown in the image below.

3- Once we have the coordinates, we are going to draw the first tree in position -37761.8344434,-32198.259899.

4- After having drawn the first tree object, we are going to write in command line COPY and press enter.

5- Finally, we copy all the coordinates of the different trees, and after that press ENTER. The result is that the tree has been copied to the specified coordinate points.

6 - Finally, we would need to adapt those trees to the actual terrain. After having selected the topography, trees can be adapted to the terrain by selecting all of them and using the command MOVE with a displacement of 0.001 meter.

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