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Release Notes 2.17

Ground Grading Updates

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Release Notes tell you what’s new in PVcase. As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to help if you have any questions.

Ground Grading Spot Levels

Sure the heatmap is pretty, but sometimes you just want to get to the raw juicy data. Mmmm, data.

Spot levels allow you to do just that. Each text object describes the amount of cut or fill required at that location. You can control the density and colors of the spot levels.


Under Civil Analysis, Ground Grading.


After you have done your ground grading, choose the density of your spot levels. Then, turn on the slider. Your field will be populated with numbers indicating the cut and fill amounts. The colors correspond to those chosen for the heatmap, so you don't have to do this twice. You won't be able to show the spot levels and heatmap at the same time, as they will overlap each other.

Heat Map / Spot Levels Legend

If you want to show a bit more information about the heat map and spot level results in your drawings, you can also now copy the legend into model space. Legendary.


Under Civil Analysis, Ground Grading.


Hit "Export to CAD" and paste the legend wherever you would like it.

Ground Grading Algorithm Improvements

Some of you gave feedback that the Ground Grading was not working as you expected. Thanks for that! It helps us to improve the product, and get it to the point where you are happy with the results.

One of these comments was about the calculation of the ground grading area. PVcase could be cutting and filling areas, that were outside of the PV framework area. This would lead to unnecessarily high cut and fill amounts.

We have modified the algorithm so that the cut and fill will only be calculated directly in and around the PV frames. We hope that this will give you greater confidence in the Ground Grading results and allow you to better estimate the costs of your projects.

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