Release Notes 2.16B

Further improvements for your electrical design.

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String Numbering Priority

This change can be found on the Electrical Design tab, under Electrical Devices, Numbering.

Click on the priority, to decide whether numbering should prioritize vertical, or horizontal numbering. For example, on fixed-tilt, the user can number across the row first (horizontal), and then jump to the next row.

Labeling Number of Digits

Electrical device numbering now allows the user to change the fixed number of digits. For example, with three digits, the number “7” would be “007”.


In Electrical Design, under Electrical Devices and Labelling.


Click on the device number to change how many digits are displayed.

Tracker with Motor Display

If the user generates a tracker with motors, a small “M” will now be shown at the motor location. This is to differentiate trackers with and without motors on complex layouts.

Optimized and Detailed Frames on Separate Layers

It is now possible to show different detail in viewports. You can show Detailed Frames in one viewport, and Optimized Frames in another. You can still change the Optimized state in Layout Generation Settings, but it is now possible in AutoCAD Layer Manager too.


AutoCAD Layer Manager.


Change the layers states of “PVcase PV modules (detailed)” to show the detail of the PV modules.

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