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DC Bus Cables

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DC Bus / Trunk Cable

image courtesy of CAB Solar Products

Image courtesy of CAB Solar Products

DC Bus (or Trunk) cable allows efficient installation of DC cables above the ground. Using IPC (Insulation Piercing Connectors) the string cables can be connected directly to the DC Bus cable. It results in fewer connections, less (or no) DC cable under the ground, and lower power losses.

From today, it is possible to design with the DC Bus-type cable system in PVcase Ground Mount.

In Electrical Design, under Electrical Devices, choose the Harness-IPC-Central Inverter option.


You can specify the number of strings per Harness, the number of Harnesses per Trunk cable, and the number of Trunk cables per Central Inverter.

After Generating, you will see the string numbers on the frames, and listed in the Electrical Overview. The IPCs themselves will be placed along with the DC cables in the next step.

Complete the generation of the DC Cable to see the trunk cable, IPCs, and harnesses placed in the drawing. Each trunk cable has a separate polyline, with a label shown at the end, so it is easier to see how far the cable runs.

We hope you get a lot out of this new feature, and as always, let us have your feedback so we can best meet your needs!

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