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Agri PV and saving specific settings

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Frame Adjustments for Agri-PV

Agri-PV is getting more and more popular, as customers realize the potential for generating electrical and agricultural yield from the same piece of land. PVcase Ground Mount has been adjusted to make it compatible with these new requirements, as requested by you!


In the Frame and Park settings menu, under the Frame creation tab, check the East-west framing type. The gap between frames has been increased to 3m to allow for better layout planning with available Agri-PV structures.

Greater Project settings detail

The Export and Import settings command lets you save the project settings, and quickly apply them the next time you start a new project. Let's say you have numerous detailed Frame presets, which you don't want to re-enter every time you start a new project - Export and import settings is your friend.

We've added a new Export method - Export specific settings. This allows you to specify exactly which project settings you would like to export for re-use in a new project. Let's look at some examples.

Say you want to reuse the Park settings (which you have laboriously and perfectly crafted to your exact needs) for another design. In your new drawing, you will only import the Park settings, so the other parts of your design will remain unaffected.

On the ribbon, choose the Import settings dropdown, and select Export specific settings.


Select the settings you would like to export. Save these settings in a file with a descriptive name. In another drawing, choose Import Settings and select the same file. The imported settings will overwrite the existing settings. Do you like the way this feature works? Let us know!

Framework Presets import

But that's not all. What if you want to import the Framework presets quickly and easily?

In the Frame and Park settings menu, under the Frame creation tab, click on Import Presets button, right there beside the Preset name.

Just import the Presets straight into the Preset library, where you need them.

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