Release Notes 1.11

Cable tray dimensioning, Display the MPPT's table, Remove cabling

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In this release:

  • Cable tray dimensioning

To add more information to the general design, there is a possibility to define the cable tray dimensions. When clicking 'Add cable tray options', you can add the dimensions to the cable tray here. Then, click 'Ok', and draw a cable tray where it should be on the roof.

  • Display the MPPT's table

After the MPPT connections to the Inverters are set, there is a possibility to display MPPT logic in the table wherever is sufficient for the user. Click the button 'Print Scheme' under the strings list and place the cursor on the spot where the table should be displayed. The information in the table can be overridden and changed by the user.

  • Remove cabling

When needed and the user wants to remove cabling, it is possible to do by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of the 'Cabling' modal.

  • Safety path, electrical and layout enhancements

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