Release Notes 2.40

Updates to help with preliminary stage of project design

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To speed up your preliminary project design process, we have introduced a couple of improvements and updates in this release. And there will be more to come!

Project Information

Creating detailed views showing the relationship between the frames can be time-consuming. Hence, we have developed a new template, which will help you get started with your project detail views.

Project Details View

The Project Details View function quickly creates an elevation view on a flat terrain. It shows useful information such as pitch, tilt, module size, etc. This detailed view can be helpful for Project documentation.

Under the Views dropdown, select the Project view and pick a Frame from the PV area you are interested in. Then, you can place the View in the Modelspace.

We hope this will help you in your solar projects! If there is something missing, let us know by hitting the Submit Feedback button and sending in your ideas.

Updated Roads Interface

The road interface has been updated, and now you can add 3D roads! The road will follow the terrain, and the 3D view will give you a more accurate idea of the required road length.

You can also select closed Polylines for roads.

Corridors Update

We introduced the ability to turn on and off the second gap in the Corridors section. When the second gap is turned off, it will be treated as normal space between frames. This applies to all frame types.

Minor Updates

  • Terrain mesh restriction zones will now be grouped.

  • Tracker deflection extents shown in cross section views.

  • When importing from Prospect, the original layer names are kept.

  • Launching a drawing with many tables should be a bit faster in some cases.

    • If your drawing still opens very slowly, please contact and we will help you.

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