Release notes 1.34


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We're very excited to finally introduce changes that improve the tracker layout design process for complicated areas. You can now use an alignment line without aligning rows for better layout control and more customization.

Notable changes:

  • Tracker generation changes - for a better layout design process we're steering away from the two-way/line generation selection and will now allow to use the same alignment line with the option to have rows aligned or not.

Here's an animated GIF showing the new workflow for getting two different results.

  • Match properties from existing table - we've moved the functionality of copying an existing table's properties to the frame creation tab with one simple click using the Match properties button.

  • Optimized frames toggle will be memorized when opening up a DWG that had the setting toggled on.

  • Topographic layout will be turned on automatically after selecting topography data.

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.


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