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Having the ability to move frames around or copy them is something that we see as a crucial part of PVcase customizability and ease of use.

Therefore, to prevent any miscalculations caused by doing so we've added an indication feature that will change the color of frames that were moved or copied and transfer them to the PVcase Shadow Blocks layer. 

These frames are regarded as Shadow which means they will not function as a regular frame (blue one) until they are:

  • Adapted to terrain using Adapt to terrain feature (For terrain based layout).

  • Assigned to an area using the Reassign frames feature (For no-terrain layout)

For no-terrain generation this feature is optional and can be turned off in the Layout generation settings. This is recommended for more experienced users as you can only copy or move frames within the same area as frame count is attached to the PV area. By copying frames from area number 1 to area number 2 the copied frames will still be regarded as frames from area number 1 (visual example below).

For terrain based generation this feature is forced as copied frames need to be realigned with the topographical area upon which they are standing on.

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